Abdulsalam Saleh Ali Al-Sunaidi Lawyers and Legal Consultants, It provides a wide range of distinguished legal services and advice in various fields, the most important of which are the following:

Pleading and litigation

Pleading and representing clients in cases inside
and outside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, preparing pleadings, and
proceeding with litigation procedures, the most important of which are
securities and corporate disputes.


Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

We represent the parties in dispute processes and alternative methods of dispute resolution such as arbitration, conciliation, legal mediation and amicable settlements.


Estates, wills and endowments

We provide services related to the division and
liquidation of estates, proof of wills and endowments.
Governance, compliance and compliance services: we provide both governance,
compliance and compliance services to financial market institutions and


Services provided to companies

In relation to their representation before the
Zakat and tax committees.


Legal and commercial services and consultations

Provide the best legal
practices based on the analysis and accurate understanding of the clients '
special requirements and provide legal, administrative consultations as the
preparation and review of regulations and regulations.


Drafting and reviewing all types of contracts, agreements and commercial transactions

providing commercial transactions in accordance with the requirements of customers in both Arabic and English, in accordance with the regulations in force in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the rules of international law regarding contracts and international agreements.


Establishment, registration,merger , liquidation and restructuring of companies

Preparing contracts for the establishment of companies in various fields, following up all the necessary procedures for registering companies, commercial agencies and trademarks and approving them with government agencies, issuing registration certificates, and extracting their commercial records and subsidiary records. In addition to what includes the formation and dissolution of entities, mergers and acquisitions, taking the necessary measures to liquidate companies. In addition to providing special training programs to build capacity in the legal and administrative fields.


Preparation of internal regulatory regulations

To regulate and determine the rights and duties of both the employer and workers in enterprises, companies and commercial establishments of various types.


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