Mr. Abdulsalam bin Saleh Al-Sunaidi

Systems Expert

He has deep experience in corporate systems, governance and financial markets,

where he worked for the Capital Market Authority for ten years as a legal consultant, and participated in the preparation of many judicial decisions and regulations of the Capital Market Authority. Lawyer Abdul Salam Al-Sunaidi has also worked as a senior legal advisor at Saudi British bank and participated in many regulations and regulatory procedures in the bank's Legal Abdul Salam is currently working on providing many legal consultations related to the governance of listed Joint Stock Companies in the capital market, the due diligence examination, and the judicial investigation of a number of listed Joint Stock Companies.

Mr. Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Al-Sunaidi


He has long experience in labor disputes since 1408H / 1987D,

he participated in the membership of labor bodies since 1408 H and assumed the presidency of the primary body and then the presidency of the supreme body at the fourteenth rank, and he has many local and international legal participations and contributions, and he also participated in the membership of many quasi-judicial committees, such as the Customs Appeal Committee, and the offices for settling commercial paper disputes, and Counselor Abdulaziz Al-Sunaidi also represented the Ministry of Labor at the Experts Division of the Council of Ministers.

Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Lahim

Legal specialist

He has procedural experience and has taken over a number of cases in arbitration,

governance and liquidation of estates, he holds a bachelor's degree in contemporary doctrine and doctrines from the College of Fundamentals of Religion at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University and has worked in a number of arbitration cases, governance and liquidation of estates.

Mr. Ahmed AbdelFattah Eldesouky

Senior Legal counsel

He has more than fifteen years of experience in Saudi and Egyptian laws,

and has dealt with many commercial, administrative, legal, penal, arbitration, labor, tax and bankruptcy cases and disputes while working in one of the major law firms in the Kingdom. He also has experience in providing all legal advice, drafting and reviewing, negotiating and managing contracts and agreements. He also participated with his visuals in some of the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom , in addition to obtaining a master’s degree in public and private law, and a doctoral researcher in commercial law.

Mr. Saud Mohammed Al-Waheeb

Financial analyst

He has experience in financial,

investment and tax analysis, worked as a financial analyst for several consulting firms, holds a CME١ certificate, and graduated from Prince Sultan University, College of Financial Management.

Yasser Altwaijri

Support Lawyer

He has experience in dispute and lawsuit analysis in addition to being able to draft memoranda and regulations based on regulations,

he has worked on several cases in various fields of courts, arbitration and adjudication committees, he has passed the CME١ Certificate Training Program and the Training Program in Private and Public Sector Governance.

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